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6 February
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Hello! *waves*

I'm an aspiring actress, who uses her journal as a place to display her fanfics and vent when the occasional need arises (or most of the time... *sweatdrops*)

Primarily my fics tend to stay in the Detective Conan range at the moment and those are the abundent. Favourite character from the series and primary focus of attention remains on Kuroba Kaito (Kaitou KID) and the fics are Aoko/Kaito centered for the most part.

I also have been known to write some Tamora Pierce fics, along with one or two Inu works.

Among other things I'm also known to follow/work with renfaires, improv troupes, and write occasional poetry from time to time.

I'm also bad at bios XD

acting, aladdin, amvs, anime, anthropology, archaeology, archery, art, auditions, avatar, avatar: the last airbender, beauty and the beast, blackmore's night, bones, books, booth/brennan, brennan/booth, broadway, broadway musicals, brobdingnagian bards, cats, celtic, celtic music, chocolate, commedia dell' arte, corsets, cosplay, costume design, costumes, cultures, dance, dancing, david tennant, ddr, densha otoko, detective conan, dirty rotten scoundrels, doctor who, dr. temperance brennan, drawing, elegant gothic lolita, elfquest, elven, elves, fairy tales, fan art, fanfic writing, fanfics, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy art, farce, fashion, firebending, folk music, folklore, fraggle rock, fullmetal alchemist, gosho aoyama, gothic lolita fashion, harry potter, horseback riding, horses, host club, howl's moving castle, improv, inuyasha, ireland, j-pop, japanese music, japanese street fashion, jim henson, kaitou, kaitou kid, kathy reichs, kitties, lindy, lindyhop, lord of the rings, lotr, lotr fanatics plaza, magic kaitou, make-up, manga, marauder era, meitantei conan, method, monty python, movies, mulan, musical theatre, musicals, mythology, myths, ouran koukou host club, performance art, performing arts, phantom thieves, photoshop, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, plays, poetry, reading, ren faires, ren tsuruga, renaissance, rennaissance festivals, rent, river song, rumiko takahashi, rurouni kenshin, scotland, seeley booth, sev/lily, sewing, shakespeare, shinichi kudo, singing, skip beat, star wars, swimming, swing dancing, tabby cats, tamora pierce, texas renaissance festival, the doctor, the library, the marauders, theater, theatre, thrift stores, tsubasa chronicles, unicorns, vintage clothing, waltzing, wicked the musical, wit, writing, xxxholic